Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hitachi Magic Wand (uncontrollable, multiple orgasms!)

Mom's Notes:
- Fast & effective
- Non-realistic (in fact - store it anywhere!)
- Easy and quick to clean
- Multi-use (this one's originally for sore muscles)
- Relativity quiet (comparable to a fan on high speed)

First Impressions:
- A cord... yuck - BUT, it's 73"... YAY!
- Heavier then I anticipated
- Quieter then I anticipated
- Great on the shoulder blades and neck!

Personal Experience: 5/5 BLEW MY MIND!
You've heard of it, you've thought to try it - but unless you do, you will have no idea how powerful this toy is!  I was SO glad I tried this when I was home alone, not 'cause it was loud, but because I was loud.  The orgasms came on so fast and so powerfully that I was screaming within 30 seconds - with it on low.  I was actually afraid to switch it to high.  I'm talking full, body-stiff, uncontrollable, multiple orgasms.

To ease the intensity I did what Katrina McKay of Ohhh Canada suggested - I put a Tenga Egg (inside out) around the head of the toy (perfect fit - like it was made for the wand).

Side note - a Tenga Egg is a super-soft, body-safe silicone male masturbator.  It worked, and made the high setting more bearable.
L-R: Tenga Egg, Tenga Egg inside out, Hitachi Wand head, inside out Tenga Egg on Hitachi Wand head

Personally the high setting was not enjoyable for me.  Holding the head slightly off center of the clitoris was a better experience then directly on the clit.

Side note - this is NOT an internal toy, however you can purchase attachments that can be used internally (I would LOVE to try the G-spot attachment!).

I found it quite difficult to relax into the waves of orgasm and felt spent in only 5 minutes!  Perhaps after practice I could learn to relax and extend play-time with this toy.

The weight and length were not an issue for me, the size of the head provides excellent coverage, and the size of the handle is a good length to hold on to (for dear life!)

Because it is not an internal toy and I did not require lubricant, the Hitachi Magic Wand is easy to clean (but not waterproof).  Use a mildly soapy cloth and rinse with another cloth - as a mom I have baby wipes in almost every room, these are also great for a quick clean.

I recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand for EVERYONE - it's one of those "must try before you die" toys.  I would also recommend it for a gift, since it's not marketed AS a sex toy, it could be a great "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" gift. 

The Good:
- Non-realistic
- Effective
- Multi-use (as in not just for orgasmic pleasure)
- Affordable (at Ohhh Canada: $48.99 CAD - this is by far the best price I've seen on the market)

Not So Good:
- MAY cause loud screaming - first-time use when no one is home
- Not waterproof
- Bulky if you want to hide it from people

Bottom Line:
Type: Clitoral vibrator (and body massager)
Volume = 3/5 (similar to a fan on high, or a bathroom fan)
Cost = $ (under $50 at Ohhh Canada)
Storage Size = Drawer
Power = Regular outlet plug-in
Waterproof = No
Good for = Beginner+ (because it's not hard to use)

This product was provided to me by Ohhh Canada, an online store that only ships within Canada. The box was plain and had no markings to indicate it was from a sex store.  Ohhh Canada's website can be found here: (I love their logo, so cute!).  The site is great for moms, it's female friendly (no raunchy porn pics here), and the store was founded and is run by women (YAY!). 

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  1. Great review!

    I found the "high" setting way too powerful for me too. I even found the lower setting almost too intense. I'm totally going to try that Tenga Egg trick!!

  2. Let me know if the Tenga Egg worked for you too! I'm still too afraid of the high setting by itself!