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Lelo Ina 2: The Holy Grail of Rabbit Sex Toys

Mom's Notes
- Easy to clean, won't pick up lint
- Non-realistic
- Not as whisper quite as the Liv
- Rechargeable

First Impressions (same as Liv):
- Beautiful design
- LOVE the colour (apparently my vagina like lime green)
- Gorgeous packaging
- Feels VERY high-quality
- Buttons look way easier to access
- Not as large as I anticipated

Personal Experience:  5/5 (6/5 if I could do that)

As the title of this post suggests - I LOVED THIS TOY!  I tried it for the first time while my husband was sleeping (because as a mom it's the ONLY time I really have to myself).  For me, the ultimate toy is one that hits my G-spot and clitoris at the same time and where I don't need to manuvour it too much (if at all).  Let me just say - my search is over.

The packaging is as streamlined and sophisticated as the toy's design.  The outside of the box is simple, and inside (as with all Lelo products) is a sleek black box with display-like quality.

Inside box

 As with all Lelo products the Ina 2 is beautifully designed.  This is not your daughter's sex toy!  If you haven't graduated to a "luxury" toy - Lelo is the way to go.  Lelo doesn't make realistic phallic/penis looking toys.  This design not only feels more feminine and (in my opinion) sexy - it's great for a house with young kids.  After all, isn't it much easier to make something up on the spot about a non-realistic sex toy then if you find your child holding a giant rubber penis.

The soft, velvety texture of the lime green (or orange if that's the colour you choose) area is easy to clean, and will not pick up lint - so feel free to shove this under you pillow if you need to).

Lelo's website states the following:  Boasting 100% stronger vibrations [then the original Ina] across eight different settings, its widened stem has been extended for even deeper G-Spot pleasure, while the flexible ‘finger’ on top delivers exquisite stimulation. Crafted from the smoothest body-safe silicone, INA™ 2 is also fully waterproof for use in the bath or shower, delivering wave after wave of pleasure any time you choose. 

The power choices range significantly both in strength and in options (g-spot with clit; clit on own; g-spot on own; alternating g-spot clit; and four more that I can't remember off the top of my head).  With two powerful motors - one in the protruding bit (for clit stimulation) and one in the shaft (for internal stimulation), the Ina 2 can produce throbbing, intense vibrations in all the right spots (I think I could feel them in my teeth at one point). Yes, the lower vibrations are whisper quite, however, the highest vibration setting is loud enough to (potentially) wake a light sleeper beside you (but not loud enough to hear through a door).  I have not yet tried the Ina 2 in the bath tub - but my whirlpool jets would mask the sound of the toy.

The four-button "interface" is SO MUCH easier to use then the one-button Liv.  Up and down buttons change the type of vibration and left or right change the intensity - or turn it on/off if held down.

Fully rechargeable.  I have been continuously impressed by Lelo's ability to hold a powerful charge for a long time.  I was surprised that the Ina 2 is fully waterproof (since the power cord cover is just a piece of flexible rubber), and admit that I had to visit the manufacturer's website to double check this fact.

The head of the shaft is larger than the head of the Liv - it may require a bit of lube to get it in.  It feels WONDERFUL once in and gives a nice "full" feeling without being uncomfortable - almost like it was designed for the female body (and duh, it was!) I think Lelo has perfected this shape beautifully.

Easy to clean with a bit of soap and water, it also comes with a silky, black storage bag, making this a subtle, easy-to-store sex toy.  This (along with my Liv) stays in the bottom of my bedside table for easy access.

I don't like to sound all "sales-person-ish" on my blog, BUT the price difference for the Ina 2 from the manufacture's website (recommended $159) with my favorite sex toy store Ohhh Canada! ($112.99) is worth mentioning -  For a luxury toy with a full 1-Year Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee - $112.99 a great price!

In my Liv review I stated: "Once you try a Lelo product you'll never go back to low-quality toys."   It's so true!  When I think back to my very first bullet vibrator, or hard plastic, straight, stick-like vibrating toy - I'm almost embarrassed.  But i suppose everyone has to start somewhere...

I recommend this product for EVERYONE who enjoys a rabbit toy (and who wants to try one) ! 

- Quiet
- Powerful
- 8 vibration modes (each able to change intensity)
- Easy to clean
- Gentle curves feels great
- Won't pick up lint
- Non-realistic
- High quality/Luxurious
- Waterproof

Not so Good:
(can't think of anything)

Bottom Line:
Type: Clitoral & Vaginal (Rabbit)
Volume = 1/5 (like a bumble bee) up to 4/5
Cost = $$$ (only $112.99 CAD at Ohhh Canada)
Storage Size = box/drawer
Power = rechargeable
Waterproof = yes
Good for = Beginner+

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  1. The Lelo Ina 2 has to be my favourite out of my vibrators does the trick every time!!! It’s worthwhile paying that little bit more for a good quality sex toy.